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Families ideally provide that safe source of care, love and motivation that directly supports us as we go out into the world and helps us succeed. However sometimes even the best of families can find it hard to cope when really difficult things happen. Sometimes really tough times in the past seem to cling on in the present generation. Family therapy is a specialist branch of psychotherapy that seeks better ways for your family to cope.

Does everybody need to attend
No. Family therapy is flexible in that not everyone need attend at the same time. And if the idea of therapy doesn’t work for particular members, even those that are not coping well, it can still achieve great things without them.

To get a better idea how family therapy might help you and your family, schedule a call with the online booking system here. In that you can explain your particular difficulties so I can offer an first response. Or book in an initial consultation where we can see in greater detail how it might help you.

Work with a specialist

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    Just for families

    Experience exploring family dynamics with the support of the only therapeutic model designed from the ground up for families small and groups.

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    The heritage that is your family

    Explore and leverage the relationships and decades of experience that make up your family constellation. Discover how things might have gone wrong and co-operate together to repair.

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    Resolve specific problems

    Understand and facilitate new ways of co-operating together: Conflict management – scape goating – step families – parenting – separating – health and loss – learn to enjoy belonging . . .