How I work

Initial Consultation – your first session:
This is a structured session in which I both collect background information on you and your relationship, and clarify your definition of your problems, and changes you want. This allows me to check that I am the appropriate person to work with you. If not I can recommend other organisations. You can see if you feel comfortable working with me.

Subsequent ongoing sessions:
If we both feel comfortable working together, you can choose to take up a regular appointment slot. This will be at the same time and day on a weekly basis. Depending on your availability there will probably be a waiting period for this.

Sessions are once a week lasting up to fifty minutes. Work will continue for as long as you feel it is helpful. Some will attend for a shorter time, while others may chose to work on deeper issues and may stay much longer.

What will a typical session involve:
Our work together will often be a lively in tone, combining reflection and understanding, from looking at present, past and hoped for future relationships. This will be informed by psychodynamic theory where we consider our internal worlds, and systemic theory where we look at how we relate to others in our lives. Our work is shorter term and focused on achieving real change between sessions. We will also look at new practical ways of doing things and practice new skills which can be experimented with outside.