For individuals

– Failing relationships – Coping with an affair – Single all the time – Fear of intimacy – Partner won’t attend counselling – Needing to break up – Abusive relationships – Managing as a single parent – Work life balance in relationships – Coming out………

Can I discuss relationships in counselling on my own?
Yes, and about a third of my clients do.

This can involve exploring finding or maintaining relationships, preparing for a break up, discussing a partner who won’t attend, exploring gay or lesbian aspects of their personality, addressing issues with family of origin…

Good relationship skills can be learnt. Hindrances can be explored and challenged. Previous losses or hurts can be dealt with.

Therapy without your partner present

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    Your partner wont attend

    Don’t give up. Much can be achieved with just one partner in the room. Understand how your relationship works. How you contribute to it and what could usefully change.

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    Coaching in new relational techniques

    Deconstruct what goes wrong between you. Develop and practise with new techniques for interacting with previously difficult situations. Apply this learning to work or other relational contexts.

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    Is it the right relationship for me

    Explore what you need for your life. Make decisions and develop strategies for implementing them.

Therapy just for you

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    Is it time to really start thinking about yourself

    If you are having difficulties in your life right now it may be helpful to talk to someone in a confidential space rather than struggle on alone: Stress – low self-esteem – anxiety – depression – sex- bereavement – need for self discovery . . .