For couples

– Relationships stuck or in crisis – Blocked communication – Emotionally or sexually dead – Feeling hopeless – Abusive – Affairs – Work/life balance in relationships – Coping with ill health – Separating – Impact on children….

How counselling with Chris MacGovern can help me?
If you want to save the relationship, I will work with you to find a way forward. Breath new life into emotionally and sexually dormant relationships. Find better conflict management strategies. Learn to rebuild trust or recover from an affair – Have fun again.

If you are not sure about your relationship, my job is to help you make the right decisions.

Will it work?
A relationship that has been in decline for years will require real effort to change it. The good news is that if you arrive ready to do that work, my experience with my clients is that you will probably succeed.

You can come on your own or with a partner and do not need to be referred.

What every couple can learn:

  • Connector.

    Conflict management

    Techniques and strategies for reducing conflict in the relationship. Develop safety plans and agreements such as zero tolerance limits for when there are children present.

  • Connector.

    Better communication

    Learn how to listen and be heard in your relationship. How to get past the minefield that is often our modern communications skills. Start to feel really understood.

  • Connector.

    My relationship style

    Explore your relationship style and what makes you uniquely you. And most importantly, what happens when two such relational styles interact.