For expatriates

Have you journeyed from your home town to the world of the corporately relocated expatriates? If so you will probably like most people have found it both an exciting privilege and a personal challenge.

If your experience is more ‘privilege‘, then brilliant and good bye.

Or is it more of ‘unexpected challenge‘, characterised by:

  • Uncertain sense of identity/confidence.
  • Difficulties in relationships.
  • Couple and marital tensions in otherwise good relationships.

These some of the unexpected experiences of otherwise well confident and healthy people. And they are the normal reactions to an extraordinary experience.

Christopher MacGovern is a family psychotherapist who offers research based psychotherapeutic and coaching support services to help equip you for the challenge.

An expatriate childhood

Was your childhood characterised by multiple international or boarding schools, packing cases every few years, friends all over the world, new experiences around every corner?Do you now find it difficult to settle down in one place, maintain adult couple relationships, keep moving on, avoiding of conflict….?

For following partners

Were you seen as a confident and well grounded by colleagues, friends and families, well qualified to journey into the expatriate world? Are you now surrounded by half unpacked cases, frustrated attempts at local employment, intimidating noise and confusion outside the front door and no idea where you will be in 12 months time.