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    Schedule an introductory 20 minute call

    We start off with an introductory call. You can try me now on 07500 582 526, or if you can’t reach me, you can book one here. In that call I will be able to initially check if I am the right person to help you and answer any questions you may have. Schedule an introductory call here

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    Book and initial consultation

    At this important first consultation we explore how counselling services might be used to meet your needs. You also get an experience of working with me and we look at how you might move forward from here. Book your initial consultation here now

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    Setup ongoing weekly sessions

    Once we have all agreed that ongoing counselling is appropriate we find a session you can attend on on a regular weekly basis. Sessions are run during the day and evenings in rooms serving Wimbledon, Earls Court and Canary Wharf.