You may be reading this because you’d like to change aspects of the relationships you have with partners or family, friends or workplace relationships, or most importantly, perhaps with yourself.

As a relationship psychotherapist working in both private practice and the NHS I specialise in couple relationships. My experience includes helping over 1000 clients make sense of the relationships in their lives. While I believe success comes from professional skills, the main contributor I believe is building a great team with my clients, and perhaps a pragmatism borrowed from a previous business career.

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How I can help you?

– Failing relationships – Coping with an affair – Single all the time – Fear of intimacy – Partner won’t attend counselling – Needing to break up – Abusive relationships – Managing as a single parent – Work life balance in relationships – Coming out . .

– Relationships stuck or in crisis – Blocked communication – Emotionally or sexually dead – Feeling hopeless – Abusive – Affairs – Work/life balance in relationships – Coping with ill health – Separating – Impact on children . .

– Step families – Family conflict or ruptures – Family businesses – Parenting – What to tell the children about . . . – Coping with mental health – Coping with illness – Retirement – Moving families abroad – Communication – Exploring our family of origin . .

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Specialist services

Ending an important relationship. Ensuring you are at your best when coping with separating, particularly where emotions are high around finances or children.

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In many cases affairs do not mean the end of relationships. Often after the shock of discovery has been appropriately dealt with, they can be turning points towards the future.
Being posted abroad as an individual, couple or member of a family can sound exciting. And for many it is. However there are unexpected challenges that may catch out the unwary.

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Giving up full time work can be a major shock to many relationships. Here couple therapy can be used to explore how to move to the next stage in life.
When working with more than one client in the room, situations can quickly get complex. Please contact me if you’re a counsellor wishing to develop further the specialist techniques that are part of couples counselling.